Terms & Conditions


    Your privacy is something that we take very seriously. Only authorized corporate personnel with a need-to-know basis are permitted to use data acquired from visitors. To provide our clients with the best service possible, we continually review our systems and data. However, if the law is enforced, we are required by law to divulge personal information.


    We are happy to have you as a customer, just like any other business. We aspire to provide service that is superior to everyone else's. We support friendly competition. As a result, our past work proudly serves as our online portfolio for certain clients to view.

    If the opposite party doesn't want us to reveal their designs, we can take it down from the website with a specific notice; however, the customer must meet the requirements to become one of our premium clients.

    The standard for a premium customer is one who has placed three separate orders from us totaling more than $6,000 in merchandise. Each one may be worth USD 2000, for a total of USD 6000.


    We offer a variety of strategies to promote our clients' businesses because we believe in the mutual growth of the client and the firm. This results in more sales for the customer and enables us to produce more products for them in exchange. By carrying out promotional activities for the Client and making their clothing brand name and other contact information widely known, we would refer customers to the Client.


    Client information is private and will not be shared with anyone save our representatives, the manufacturer(s) or supplier(s), and, if necessary under the law, the relevant authorities. Customers have the right to ask for copies of any records we maintain about them, provided we get fair notice of the request.

    Any literature published about the provision of our services is required to be kept by the clients. As part of an agreed-upon contract, we will provide Clients with the proper written material, handouts, or copies of records as necessary, for the benefit of both parties. Any data gathered through "trails" (the path you take through our site) is only examined internally before being destroyed. Your trust means a lot to us, and we won't do anything to betray it.


    DHL, FedEx, and Sky Net Courier globally are our main carriers.

    Please be informed that DHL and FedEx Priority Mail delivery times can range from 4 to 5 days, while DHL Parcel Post delivery times can range from 2 to 3 weeks for destinations in the USA, Canada, and HI and AK.

    We might additionally employ different courier services if they seem appropriate for the delivery location in addition to the aforementioned shipping options.

    We don't assume liability for delivery that is promised. The shipping firm that supplies us with the tracking information guarantees that your product will arrive.

    Since we do not own a shipping business, we send the goods as a courtesy to the customers so they won't have to deal with any additional inconveniences. We don't accept liability for the misplaced package.

    If a package is missing, the customer will either need to pay the production fees again or the shipping fees if the shipping firm does not waive them.


    After the payment has been received, you have two days to cancel the order. Please keep in mind that "Custom Brand Apparel" manufactures products specifically for each purchase. No of the nature of the order or where it is in the process, if the garment you ordered has exceeded the two-day mark, it cannot be cancelled at any time.

    Please be aware that once the requested items have been sent to you or are in transit from "Custom Brand Apparel," an order cannot be cancelled. This is because all of our products are made to your specific measurements or requirements.

    The customer's order will be immediately cancelled if they don't respond to or approve any samples supplied to them through email or other electronic means within a month. Nevertheless, depending on how well that particular transaction is going, they may be able to receive their order amount reimbursed with us once the set-up fees have been subtracted.


    When the items are delivered to your address, it is your duty to make sure all contact information, including the delivery address, is accurate and that either you or a person you designate is accessible to accept and sign for the delivery.

    If you provided a wrong delivery address when placing your order, "Custom Brand Apparel" is not responsible for any products that are not delivered or are not signed for. If the postal service or courier provider discovers the address you supplied as closed or inaccessible during delivery, we are also not liable for the delivery failure.

    To ship your orders, "Custom Brand Apparel" will select reputable postal services or courier firms. Once the products have been shipped, we are no longer liable for any missed or delayed delivery.


    Customers of "Custom Brand Apparel" are only given strictly quality-controlled products that adhere to "Custom Brand Apparel" quality standards. As per the customer's instructions given at the time of ordering, we will adhere to the specifications. Any modifications made during production will be communicated to and approved by the customer. Once an order has been completed and shipped, we ARE NOT ABLE to accept returns or issue refunds for personalized items. Therefore, you can request images, video conferences, or anything else that would be feasible to demonstrate that your standards were met.

    If the sample hasn't been authorized for bulk production or sent out, you can change the garment. After the order has been dispatched, we can still make adjustments, but you will be responsible for paying for both the original shipping and the re-shipment of the item.


    Here at custom brand Apparel we have complete customization possibilities for any item they choose to have made. However, for smaller quantities, we purchase ready-made fabrics from the market that closely match the color and fabric criteria, based on what is currently available in the market.

    Fabrics with odd mixtures in them can only be 100% accurate if they are knitted from scratch for a minimum quantity of at least 1000 pieces. For these customers, we will not only give them the fabric they need, but also a lab test report outlining the precise specifications.


    The turnaround time, which will be given to you within 24 hours following your payment, begins on the day you approve the order summary. Customers must carefully review the order summary because after it has been sent to the manufacturing department, it cannot be changed.


    The relationship manager at Custom Brand Apparel will be your primary point of contact for all communications about the production of your custom-made apparel. When we wait for the customer's permission, our production time stops, which extends the production time we offer to our clients.

    Furthermore, challenges with fabric availability and other factors may cause production to be delayed. The 17 Business days timeline is merely a uniformly provided, preliminary estimate for all clients. Ordinarily, it doesn't take that long to finish orders. However, we will keep in touch with you during the production process and let you know when there are delays.


    Please be aware that when production is finished, Custom Brand Apparel can only hold the goods for a maximum of 15 days. After 15 days, the customer will be charged an extra USD $50.00 per day for storage. If the consumer doesn't get in touch with us within a month, we won't be responsible for the products unless they wish to pay extra for storage.

    Custom Brand Apparel requests authorization before shipping since it wants to deliver the products to customers in flawless condition. Custom Brand Apparel will have the right to ship the goods without the customer's consent if they don't react to us within the allotted period. At that point, no liability will be accepted for any defective items.

    The order will automatically be terminated after two months without a refund.