Privacy Policy


    Here at Custom brand Apparel, we are committed to preserving your privacy. Authorized workers inside the organization are the only ones allowed to use information acquired from visitors on a need-to-know basis. We regularly analyses our systems and data to offer the best possible experience for our consumers. However, we are legally required to release personal information if the law enforces it.


    When you are a client of our firm, we are delighted to have you as a customer. We believe in offering service that is better than everyone else. We believe in constructive competition. Therefore, our previous work is our portfolio proudly shown on the website for selected consumers to view.

    If the other party doesn't want us to publish their designs we can delete it from the internet on special notices. Nevertheless, the customer must qualify to become our premium client.

    The definition of a premium client has ordered products worth more than 6000 USD from us in parts of three orders. Each can be 2000 USD to achieve a cumulative of 6000 USD.


    We strongly believe in the Mutual growth of the Client and the firm, we offer many techniques to boost our customers' business, thereby resulting in more sales for the client and allowing us to manufacture more items for them in return. We would refer clients to the customer by executing promotional activities for the Client, using their Clothing Brand Name and other Contact data readily available.