For you, lingerie might be a term, but for us, lingerie includes all intimate apparel for women. As a lingerie maker, we are keen on everything related to lingerie. We understand the importance of having excellent and comfortable underwear and innerwear throughout the day. Keeping that in mind, we offer unlimited fabric selections and trims to all lingerie and intimate clothing brands in the USA.

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the lingerie manufacturer who crafts confidence

The Lingerie Manufacturer Who Crafts Confidence & Elegance

Custom Brand Apparel is a USA-based production house in the business for around 30 years and has gained experience as a bra designer and manufacturer. We are a one-stop shop for manufacturing and crafting exquisite lingerie that celebrates style and individuality.

Covering everything from lace to intricate and detailed embroidery over it, we manufacture artsy, decent and trending styles with innovation. What helps us maintain long-lasting relations with our customers is our highly skilled labour team, fashion designing experts, and well-trained staff with advanced manufacturing facilities to handle the complexity of your projects.

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Private Label Intimate Apparel Manufacturers at Your Service

Whether you are selling a custom-manufactured lingerie clothing line or secret label lingerie, we can be the backbone of your business, helping you transform your concept into real-life products. We offer custom-tailored solutions for manufacturing white-label lingerie that align with your brand.

With your Underwear Manufacturer, you can explore new success factors. We innovate at every step of manufacturing and try to evolve as per the market needs so that your brand excels in the industry. From detailed stitching to putting parts together, we help you create the perfect lingerie that gets sold quickly.

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private label intimate apparel
lingerie manufacturer taking care of everything

High-Quality Lingerie Manufacturer Taking Care of Everything from Concept to Lace

Custom Brand Apparel, a premium quality lingerie manufacturer, takes care of everything luxury lingerie manufacturing solutions. We keep experimenting with different styles to craft a look that goes trending immediately.

Also, we are pretty keen on fabric selections, as fabric plays a significant role in the success of innerwear. Having a number of Quality checks and control units at different stages ensures that each piece is based on the correct specification as per agreement and tech pack approved.

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Why choose us?

Custom Brand Apparel has been in business for around 30 years, and in this comprehensive tenure, we have worked with countless fashion brands and served them as their premium manufacturer. Whether it's women's workout pants, sports bras, athletic tops, underwear, yoga pants, gym wear shorts or more. We ensure to add 100% from our end. We provide organic manufacturing using organic materials resulting in a premium and luxury lingerie line.

Behind every successful clothing line is a creative mind, brand story, expertise and craftsmanship with great detail, and we play that part for all of our clients no matter how bulk or small the project is; we ensure to provide 100% of our end. Whether you want unique color, rare luxury fabrics, and pattern that reflects intimate expressions, we take pride as a high-quality lingerie Manufacturer by providing brands with on-demand tailored specifications. Choose as your bra designers and manufacturers and allow us to take you through a journey of premium intimate manufacturing, where every piece speaks for its quality and celebrates diversity through different shapes and sizes.

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