One of the most important aspects of establishing an apparel clothing line is choosing the fabric. Although there are many other types of materials used today, 100% cotton and 100% polyester are the most popular. Are you aware of others? If not, you can locate your preferences at Custom Brand Apparel.

You can select any of the fabrics we use to create custom-designed apparel, and we do guarantee to provide you a lot more customization possibilities should you consider starting your own clothing line.

We offer textiles that can be used to make sportswear as well as clothes for men or women.


Slouchy jersey materials

At Custom Brand Apparel, you will find a variety of casual jersey fabrics. Typically, knitted fabrics are used to describe casual jersey materials. Our selection of jersey textiles includes single jersey, interlock jersey, double jersey, and jacquard jersey. You may use this fabric to create any type of casual wear item, including t-shirts, women's tops, shorts, even Pocket t-shirts.

You can choose from 100% Cotton, 100% Polyester, or blended fabrics like 60% Cotton and 40% Polyester. If you order a large enough number, we can also manufacture customized jersey fabrics to meet your needs.

Custom Brand Apparel prioritizes customer satisfaction. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss fabric mixes with our knowledgeable experts from our bespoke clothes maker, who can better direct you depending on the description of the garment you need.


Fluffy Materials

We have a huge selection of fleece fabrics at Custom Brand Apparel. You can choose from a list of readily available fabrics, or if you are ordering more than a certain amount, you can choose your own customized gram/sq. meter fleece fabric requirement based on the needs of your clothing line. Fleece fabric is a thick fabric that is used to make sweatshirts, hoodies, and sweaters. People typically choose to choose the heaviest possible weight for a garment because fleece fabric is most frequently utilized with goods that are worn in a cold environment. If you don't want the cloth to be too heavy, you can alternatively swap to French Terry.


Sporty Materials

We have made available to you a variety of sports fabric types so that you can choose the one that is most suitable for your clothing. Custom Brand Apparel is aware of the expanding influence of sportswear and how people are becoming more drawn to it. As its foundation fabric for sports, Custom Brand Apparel offers Nylon Spandex, Polyester Spandex, and Cotton Spandex to create items like a basketball jersey, yoga pants, leggings, and even skin-fitted t-shirts. If the list is still insufficient for you to choose from, we may tailor the fabric to your requirements.


Premium Textiles

You may also get excellent fabrics from Custom Brand Apparel to enhance the appeal of your custom-designed clothing item. Designers are free to use expensive fabrics like leather, silk, or any of the others mentioned to provide the finishing touch to their expertly crafted designs. By doing this, we hope to give you more personalization possibilities. Since our minds are unlimited, boundaries are fatal to the ability of a creative mind to come up with amazing fashion items. Because of this, only we have genuine leather, fake leather, or any other high-end fabric to add to your clothing. To make distinctive clothing, you can also choose professional shirt fabrics like satin or 100% woven cotton. They can be used for anything your mind can come up with, such as adding sleeves or a patch.


Clothing Materials

Legging, tight, or undergarment-wearing fabrics are typically referred to as hosiery fabrics. Although they typically stretch, there is no restriction. They can also be used to create lightweight, stretchable t-shirts or other items. When browsing for hosiery things, you are not constrained to hosiery fabrics because Custom Brand Apparel offers maximum personalization. A garment can be created using multiple fabrics.


Twill Textiles

Twill fabrics are typically used for work attire such as hats, coats, and other items. Twill is breathable, making it appropriate and fashionable clothing for any season. Twill fabric is a great option for outdoor clothing because of its airtight and watertight properties as well as its propensity to conceal dirt and stains. Due to the fact that twill textiles are also used to create sublimated pants, they look fantastic when a digital design is put on them.