Over the years, fashion trends have changed so drastically that fabric processing is now an important component of every article of clothing. Scientists have found numerous techniques to create the fabric more dependable, softer, distinctive, and pleasant as a result of contemporary revolutions. Many of these processes have also progressed from using only denim to using 100% cotton as well as other combinations of cotton and polyester. People utilise a variety of strategies to give their clothing a vintage and classic look, and many of these procedures involve washing the fabric in conditions and with chemicals that emphasise its qualities while maintaining its dependability and lifespan.

Custom Brand Apparel offers fantastic possibilities in this category, including the ability to perform various types of washing for a low minimum order number starting at 50. People can actually create a vintage clothes business that focuses completely on old products or even incorporates vintage items into a regular collection thanks to alternatives like Acid cleaning, Enzyme Washing, and Burnout procedures. People may now combat problems like shrinking, wrinkling, and pressing thanks to options like Silicone Washing, Bio Washing, and Preshrunk Washing. All of these services are offered by Custom Brand Apparel to its clients, and the company also outlines the ideal choice for a client based on their needs.


Preshrunk laundry

Some knitted or woven fabrics have empty areas between their bindings that, when washed, cause the garment to shrink.

In order to prevent that, Custom Brand Apparel offers their customers the option of having their textiles pre-shrinked; after washing, the garment takes on a more tightly-knit texture and does not shrunk whether it is washed in cold or hot water.

It's a good method to demonstrate to buyers how long-lasting your clothing line is, especially if you sell to customers who wash their clothes excessively. Even after being washed numerous times, the Medium they purchase remains a medium.


Silicone Cleaning

You can apply silicon washing to your specially created garment at Custom Brand Apparel. By using the silicon washing technique, you may give your clothes extra softness and pre-shrink them, which tightens the knits of the fabric.

Using this method, you can give your customer with specially made apparel. Make your consumer love the new item he purchased from you. This extends the life of your product so that it continues to feel soft and new even after 3–4 washes. The goal of silicon washing is to make clothing softer, more comfortable, and more dependable.


Washing With Bio Bhemicals

With your purchase from Custom Brand Apparel, you may also choose to apply Bio Washing, a method that gives your clothing additional shine in addition to softness.

The colour of your custom-made clothing item will be maintained and preserved at a much higher level for a much longer period of time using this procedure, which is quite effective.

It can be a great alternative to many other detergents that are full of harmful chemicals, it consist of natural soap suds, natural color fixers, natural brightening agents and cloth conditioners.


Enzyme Cleaning

At Custom Brand Apparel, you can also choose to go for enzyme washing your custom made fashion garment. This process increases the color fastness and rubbing fastness and polishes the garment in such a way that your customized clothing garment attractiveness maximizes.

It also improves anti piling properties of the garment as it attacks more the surface of the fabrics, resulting in a further smooth surface of the fabric.

With us, you can do both acid enzyme wash or Neutral enzyme washing, each of these processes have their own specific uses for making your clothing garment look perfect. To give your product multiple benefits that can be used while selling your garment, Custom Brand Apparel would recommend you to opt for Enzyme Washing so that your brand gets a premium feel.


Acid washing

Acid Washing With Us here at Custom Brand Apparel, you can also use the process of acid washing also knows as stone washing, to add that much hyped fading effect , you can chose to have it done the way you like it, we usually do this process on garments made of more sturdy fabrics, like denim or twill fabrics. But you can always think of an innovation, we will welcome to try this process on any other type of fabric you want. Fabrics such as 100% Cotton give out best result as well when processed through acid washing as it helps to give t-shirts and any other cotton jersey product a vintage look.


Burn Out Process

With us at Custom Brand Apparel, You can also perform special processes to your garment, and make them even more customized; we can perform burnout process to you garments, even if you are ordering lower quantities. Burnout process is a special tool used to customize apparel and make them faded from one part where it appears as if the fabric portion got burned, it gives a vintage look, suitable for women apparel, or for any other customized garment that your mind can think of. We try to give you as much customization options as possible, just so you can give the best product out to your customer. Burnout process tends to reduce thread counts in between a continuity which results in a unique look for your items.