Custom Brand Apparel is a team of professional fashion designers who play with colors and fabrics and are well-versed in every process. Working for your clothing brand, we provide you with every inch of services from design making, dyeing, and washing to bulk production of your custom fabric dyeing clothing line and everything in between.

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With a combined 30+ years of experience in exceptional results for fabric dyeing, we have become a top-of-the-line option for startups and established fashion brands in the USA. Having a well-versed team of fashion experts keen on fabric dyeing and custom designing makes us the best tie dye service provider.

Whether it is textile woven fabrics, loom state, or dyed fabrics, we manufacture with all kind’s materials and for all types of areas. Whether you want a custom brand line, a jersey, a campaign dress, or a uniform, we are pretty handy with them all.

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With us being your fabric dyeing manufacturer, you step into a new world where creativity & colors meet professionalism. We transform your clothing ideas into real-life potential products that can be next trendsetting in the fashion industry.

Being a top manufacturing industry in the US, we allow the brands to unlock new levels of creativity with our custom bespoke fabric dyeing services. We have a dedicated graphics and fashion designing department with printing specialists who work closely with brands on custom clothing specifications.

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With us, we let you discover the whole artistic collection of our pre-made designs, ready to get your label so you can sell them under your brand name. As a leading manufacturer in the USA fashion market, we are a premium go-to destination for fabric sourcing.

We don’t change the colors but also enhance your clothing lines and fill them with the best potential in the clothing industry. Our skilled laborers work with attention to detail and bring years of knowledge, experience, and the finest work quality to your project. Ready to get fresh and vibrant twisted ideas for your brand? Get in touch by filling out a form, and we will reach out.

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Color Reactive Dye

Reactive hues have a longer shelf life. Even after numerous washings or when exposed to sunlight, they do not fade. It is one of the best ways to acquire a bespoke color on your clothing and gives it a high-end appearance. When a fabric is knitted entirely from the beginning in the exact needed blend, reactive color dyeing is used. Customers can choose larger numbers as a result and not worry about quality or color. When the quantity is greater, this procedure is used industrially throughout the world to produce personalized clothing. Reactive color dyeing is a service that Custom Brand Apparel offers for a very low minimum of 800 units.


Custom tie dye designs

Custom tie dye designs are one of our specialties. You can send us any design, even a picture. Even if the quantity is little, we would love to match your fabric to what you are looking for. Only 100% cotton can be dyed with tie dye, but fortunately cotton is the most popular fabric in the world due to its lovely, soft feel and longer durability. Additionally, we have the choice to employ reactive colors and then bio-wash the garment to give the colors a good feel and long-lasting performance.

You are free to create something on your own or submit us a design in any format from wherever. Our business developers are always happy to help clients who are innovative so that their ideas can be well-rounded from all angles.


Dip Dying

If you want your garment to have more than one or two tones, we can dip dye it with reactive colors and further customise it by using additional processes to make it seem more like you want it to. If the pattern is not overly difficult, like when you do tie dye, there is another option to give your clothing a multi-color appearance.

As a garment manufacturer, Custom Brand Apparel is aware of its obligations and seeks to provide nearly all customization possibilities in the smallest numbers possible, starting at just 50 pieces per color and design.


Neon coloring

Neon dyeing is a particular technique that uses chemicals on the garment to add neon glow in them. You may go ahead and change things up with glow in the dark printing that we perform. Neon dyeing is a special procedure that uses chemicals on the garment to add neon glow in them. However, you are free to utilize this customizing tool however you choose.

The true decision is yours as to whether you want to adapt to changing market trends or opt for the standard customization that everyone is offering. Custom Brand Apparel provides various types of dying, including neon dyeing, and gives customers the freedom to meet their needs.


Sulfur Dyeing

You are welcome to use sulphate dyeing for any other method of customizing your garment with Custom Brand Apparel that you can think of. It is something we do to add special effects to the fabric where it appears in different colors from the inside out, or loses its color from the outside, looking more acidic or fading away completely.


Dyeing Yarn

Yarn dyeing is a process for creating fabrics from yarns that have already been colored; it is frequently used to create multicolored fabrics with lines or any other special dye shade continuity that you choose to get for your customized garment. Yarn dyeing calls for a minimum order quantity of 1500 units for the finished product because the machinery used to create the fabric requires this minimum.

You can acquire the ideally tailored polo shirt you've always wanted thanks to the yarn dyeing option. Another choice is to wear a golf shirt that has been dyed with yarn. You are not constrained in this, though, as there are countless alternatives for creating clothing with this dying technique.