Get your custom uniform manufacturing done by the best-in-class uniforms manufacturer in USA. Whether it's your employee uniform, or your school or college uniform we have been serving all kinds of clients without uniform manufacturing needs. Being a custom clothing manufacturer in USA, you can rely on us for your uniform projects.

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Leading Uniform Manufacturing One-Stop Solution for Your Brand

Custom Brand Apparel is a one-stop shop for custom medical, school, college, employee uniforms, etc., maintaining the highest industry standards. We ensure high-quality be-spoke uniform manufacturing for your brand.

We understand that uniforms are the very first identity of any school, brand, industry or company. Every uniform is unique in its own way, some differ by fabric, some by color and shades. We as a USA Uniform manufacturing company understand the keen needs of uniqueness and customization of uniforms to offer all brands with best quality uniforms.

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Proudly Custom Made & Private Label Uniform Manufacture Who You Can Trust

We are in the industry for 30 years and in this long journey, we have done versatile product for both type of clients on demand and private label. From valet uniforms, restaurant uniforms to kits of fire departments, we have worked for all.

Custom brand Apparel are confident and forefront resource that masters everything from customizations, fabrics, styling, textures, dyeing and everything in between. Feel free to browse our catalog explore our diverse range of custom top-notch uniform meeting your needs precisely.

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uniform manufacture who you can trust
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Define a new look to your custom uniforms with us

What makes a reliable manufacturer of choice is our wide experience as sportswear manufacturer as being comprehensive portfolio in fashion industry. To complete a goal to redefine your best standards in unique way, we use premium materials and fabric for your uniforms.

From finest selection of fabrics, to keen and precise craftmanship for your projects, we can be a symbol of professional reliance to your company. In our quality work we ensure to bring a high level of American skilled craftmanship in every to each piece that we manufacture.

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Being a reliable and top in class manufacturer we aim to show and complete our commitment of excellent work quality and work closely with you to cater each of your needs. We have been producing both traditional, trending and on demand uniforms for all uniforms brands and organizations.

No business or organization is identical to another. Keeping this in mind, we help the company, brands and organization by manufacturing a unique uniform solution for your brand. With us being your high-quality uniform maker, you can expect all kinds of uniform embellishments from us.

We offer different uniform printing services to cater all of your needs, whether it's screen printing, fabric dyeing or cut and sew, we are pretty much handy to manufacture all of them. Be it medical scrubs, hospital uniforms, sports team, industrial uniform, school uniforms or any custom uniforms for any event, we can help your brand or organization a whole new aspect of your brand identity.

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