With 20+ years of professional experience in custom jumpers manufacturing, we are certified USA ODM/ OEM jumper manufacturers. Being a "one-stop" Shop, we are on a mission to be the top helping personalized jumpers maker in the USA. So far, we have done 500+ high-end jumpers projects for our valued customer base. With a unique approach, professional manufacturing team, and creative ideas, we offer your brand an innovative and appealing clothing line.



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The festive look is always special, and we are highly skilled in manufacturing custom jumpers and personalized Christmas jumpers and jumper for all of your occasions. With huge networks around the globe, we have tons of outdoor and indoor ranges of jumpers, jackets, and custom screen printing designs.

With us being your custom jumpers USA manufacturer, you get the flexibility to select your material, get free clothing design ideas, professional brand strategy-making advice, limitless customization flexibility, the lowest MOQ, and high-end manufacturing quality to ensure your clothing brand success.


Take Your Brand to New Heights with Premium Personalized Jumpers USA

Even though the clothing industry is stuffed with tons of brands, we can help you find an undiscovered way. As well-known custom Christmas jumpers USA makers, we can ensure that we won't have to fear any rivals or competition while working with us.

We are the brand leader T-shirt manufacturer by nature, but our custom jumpers & personalized Christmas jumpers make it one of the bestselling and finest in our USA collection. As a modern and advanced fashion knitwear manufacturer, we are highly involved in custom jumpers in the USA.


Offer a covering and warming custom knitted jumpers to your customers USA

Who doesn't want personalized custom-design light-up Christmas jumpers in the USA? Well, everyone wishes to wear one. Here at Custom Brand Apparel, we are full-time experienced jumpers makers who can make your brand success a reality with our capabilities to source, test, sample development, and high-end bulk production with strict quality measures to ensure premium products.

To ensure a win-win strategy for our customers and us, we offer long-term supported services to our clients to cater to them right. You can choose any jumper product from our catalog, or the freedom of designing your dream custom jumper is always on your side. You can expect high-quality hoodies, jackets, and jumper clothing line from us.


Why choose us?

We can be your 5-star fabric sourcing source, and it doesn't matter whether you want as many as 50000 pieces per design or just 50 pieces per design. We offer the same value, dedication, and passion for your clothing project. Moreover, we have a professional design and customer service team to help you at any stage of your jumper project manufacturing.

To maintain our loved status and reviews, we have set a high-quality working standard in our factory so that our customer retention rates stay stable. Being a reputable embroidery manufacturer USA we have no limits on jumper customization. We are all up to catch any design you throw at us. We specialize in custom Christmas jumpers making, hoodies, T-shirts, sweatshirts, women's clothing lines, and much more. So whether it's tech pack development, sample development, yarn development, styling, social media branding strategy, or packaging, we are just the right clothing manufacturer for your brand.