With 20+ years of professional experience in making custom aprons embroidered and screen printing projects, we have a vast state rep in the USA market for making custom aprons for our clients. Whether you want a detailed three pockets stylish, handy embroidered kitchen apron for waiters, cooks, or your diverse audience, we have your back. Let's take a new step towards brand success.


Elevate Your Brand Rep with High-End Premium Custom Aprons Embroidered

Because the world judges you based on your clothing line, we provide high-end employee custom aprons embroidered with classy and modern patterns and structures that look appealing overall.

We offer custom decoration or garment digitalization on your custom-printed aprons with a logo that makes your brand look unique. Make your employees feel good, stylish, professional and attractive at the same time with our embroidered kitchen aprons.


Create A Long Lasting Impression with Custom Printed Aprons with Your Logo Brand

Covering a vast clientele of the USA, being a leading personalized chef aprons embroidered and digitized aprons maker, we take pride in working for all that includes hotels, pubs, clubs, bars, cafes, restaurants, offices, work canteens, or your customer audience.

Our design speaks the best language of our premium custom screen printing & custom embroidery services while increasing your brand's image. We are always open to working on new and creative custom ideas. Got a trend-making design in mind? Feel free to share; we will bridge your manufacturing gap and create a high-end aprons design for your brand.


Our Embroidered Kitchen Aprons Adds Elegance to Your Brand with Art and Style

With a considerable fabric selection and limitless customization over your custom-printed aprons with brand logos and labels, you will never run out of options. We always have premium stock of custom aprons with original, appealing, protective pockets and valuable to all, from housewives to butchers.

Custom Brand Apparel is a professional clothing manufacturer that offers branded and private label aprons to all the premium hotels, restaurants and agencies in clothing retails in the USA. Our wide selection of custom aprons with the company logo is best for all.


Why choose us?

Every job becomes better when with creativity, and that's what exactly we do at custom brand Apparel. We have in-depth knowledge and are professional industry experts. We work with the latest manufacturing machines and designs for our clients. As a client, you are a member of our beloved customer group and to satisfy your needs and demands, we are always willing to drive another mile.

Whether you want a simple aprons design, 03 pockets designs, minimalistic, promotional, bib styles, disposable, professional cooks or tailored aprons for men or women, we have you covered. Also, bring our custom aprons maker, and we assure you the highest quality manufacturing with your demands and needs. Be it polyester, cotton, plain, stripe, wraparound aprons, or long, short or mid-length aprons you need, and we provide you with perfect wear for all times.

To further brand your items with the name of your company, you can ask us for labels and tags.