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The Future of Screen Printing: Trends and Innovations for Custom T-Shirt Design

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We can’t deny that t-shirts have been a fashion staple for centuries, and still, clothing brands can make a lot from a custom t-shirt printing clothing line. T-shirts and the screen printing design make up the best combination rapidly increasing worldwide and has become one of the best money-making and innovative advancements for clothing brands.

According to the current stats, the custom screen printing design market will hit around $5.09 billion in 2022. With a significant growth rate of 11.26%, the whole fashion industry is expected to hit approximately 14.81 billion by the next ten years. The sudden rise in customized shirts and custom screen printing trends has opened countless opportunities for clothing brands worldwide.

The rising charts for custom t-shirt design printing and custom screen printing are due to the fact that consumers find the idea of customizing their clothes appealing and exclusive. Custom clothing provides a sense of exclusivity to the customer, making them style uniquely. Because of the availability of a wide range of fabrics, colours, patterns, and printing methods, the screen printing method is widely used by clothing brands. This resulted in an incredible upswing in the printing and T-shirt clothing business and brands.

Trends & Innovations in Screen Printing Clothing & Manufacturing Services

  • Digital & Analog pressing technology

Nowadays, digital machines and printing technologies are essential for any clothing brand and manufacturer manufacturing a clothing line. With advanced printing machines, being a clothing manufacturer or clothing brand, you can work on larger production orders and finish the manufacturing in less time and more efficiently. Although these machines are expensive, they are a one-time investment for your manufacturing company.

Suppose you don’t own a manufacturing facility. In that case, you can work with a clothing manufacturer who is an expert in creating a custom clothing line for private label brands and custom-made to orders. You can work in collaboration with us. As your manufacturer, we are dedicated to providing your brand with a high-quality premium clothing line. You can discuss your project with us and we will try our best to turn your clothing design idea into a finished product.

Some of these advanced clothes printing on shirts, dyeing and tailoring machine comes with the latest features like Wi-Fi and self-diagnosing software to help you throughout the manufacturing process. As we move towards the technological era, you will most likely see these latest innovative features in machines.

  • Stylish, Bold, vibrant colors are the new fashion

No matter what type of clothing niches you are working on, colors, styles and designs can make your brand stand out from others and allow your brand to take a strong grip over your target audience. Let’s take your example: whatever you are wearing right now, you might have seen something unique and attractive in it, and that’s why you bought it, right? So you need to think likewise and design a clothing line that catches the consumers’ attention at first.

When it comes to designing the T-shirt line, the options have no limit. You can start with basic text written over the T-shirts, or it can have humorous jokes (The best technique to catch the attention), or one of the best ways is to have a clothing line based on movies dialogues and movies scene. You can pick famous dialogues from TV shows, movies, anime shows and cartoons to write or print them over a T-shirt to attract the audience.

  • The TV shows

TV shows are the new hype in the market. “Netflix & Chill” is not just a TV show and movie streaming platform. It has become a mood. Even with a simple “Netflix & chill” written over a clothing line, you can guarantee bulk sales. Customers are crazy about the TC shows. There are thousands of shows, like breaking bad, Sherlock Holmes, Game of Thrones, money heist, Lucifer, stranger things, Friends, the Office and tons more, that are the best option for you to pick. You can pick these TV shows’ famous dialogues, character images, thumbnails, or logos and sell them to customers. You have a better idea about the T-shirt ideas of TV shows clothing line by the pictures below.

Even if you are picking a TV show or movie that is not currently aired, no worries because the fan base of these TV shows is so excited that they would love to wear T-shirts with their favourite characters and dialogue over it. Using modern graphics designing software like Adobe Photoshop, illustrator you can create the best designs. Or you can add your custom T-shirt creativity to it by adding text and styles of your choice to the plan.

  • The use of antimicrobial fabrics

Antimicrobial fabrics are a new player in the fashion industry and are widely famous all around the globe. Antimicrobial fabrics are primarily known for their features, like preventing micro bacteria growth over the fabric. It contains germs and microorganisms from contact with the skin, so the human skin is safe.

As per the current COVID situation, the use of antimicrobial fabrics is significantly increased as it helps prevent potential bacterial organisms and viruses and provides advanced protection to the human skin. Antimicrobial materials are known for their safety features, and antimicrobial fabrics offer a comfortable texture to wear during athletic activities. The clothing brand also uses these fabrics to create a gym wear and sportswear clothing line as these fabrics are best in features for physical activities. This fabric’s high-quality resistive protection can prevent the foul smell and moisture caused by sweating during exercise and playing sports.

On the other side, the customers also love the idea of sustainable clothing line, contributing to creating an environment friendly. These fabrics don’t require frequent washes and have a timespan of fabric. And most primarily, these antimicrobial fabrics are best for custom screen printing designs. You can offer both high-quality materials to your consumers along with a unique screen print design over it. We are sure your customers are going to love it.

  • The use of fabrics improved synthetics

The synthetic group includes nylon fabric, spandex, polyester, and rayon fabric. These are considered the best quality fabric for manufacturing Sportswear, gym wear and Swimwear clothing lines. There has been a sudden rise in eco-friendliness manufacturing in the clothing industry. Also, as per the clothing regulations, it’s best to create sustainable and natural clothing.

Many custom clothing manufacturers manufacture synthetic fibres from sea waste, recycled plastics, fishing nets, etc. Not only it plays a significant part in the environmental impact, but also these fabrics are

  • The programmable fabrics

You might have already heard about 3D printing technology, 3D printers are already available in the market, and clothing brands and manufacturers are using 3D printers and advanced machines to print 3D custom designs over T-shirt clothing lines. High-tech fabrics that can change colors based on the wearer’s preferences are under development using programmable materials.

Moreover, the engineers are working hard to implement NFC (Near Field Communication) technology over the clothing line that would be able to self-heal when torn or capable of imparting the communication channels, i.e., messages and calls. These high-tech advanced fibres will most likely replace polyester, linen, cotton and other fabrics as they offer high functionality and advanced features with enhanced fabric qualities.

Moreover, the machinist is studying how to implement the embedded chips over the fabrics. Some prototypes are available in the market with the same and similar technologies embedded in them. So, in short, there is a lot to come in the market with programmable fabrics. The combination of the programming and materials will be crazily innovative and there is no doubt why these fabrics will take the whole fashion industry by storm.

  • Sublimation technology

Sublimation technology is another rising trend in the fashion industry that consumers are crazy about. Who won’t like a T-shirt dipped into a whole unique design that is stylish, comfortable, and durable? The sublimation technology uses a special transfer paper to transfer the clothing design into the fabric using pressure and heat. In sublimation printing, you can create a plan with many color options. First, the ink in liquid form is transformed into a gas state when treated with heat. This heat allows the ink to penetrate the fabrics deeply and leave a long-lasting presence over the materials.

Various trends of sublimation printing are pretty much trending in the clothing industry, like abstract patterns and custom complex prints over the T-shirt, nature-inspired, artsy designs over a clothing line, photo-realistic designs, blurred, gradient and ombre methods over a clothing line, and much more. The market for custom printing is broad, and there are like 100 fashion styles and designs popular at a time.

Wrap up

So as you see, screen printing is a new niche in the fashion industry. Despite tough competition and tons of brands working in the same area, the screen printing has a lot of space for your clothing brand. Indeed the future of screen printing is very promising for anyone willing to work on the new trending styles and designs. It was always about the customers, so being a clothing brand, you must offer customers what they want. This way, you can reach the customers’ wardrobe quickly.

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Tom Brady
Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.

Tom Brady

Tom Brady

Tom Brady is the weekly publisher of fashion blogs and articles. He is devoted to providing his readers with a fast-paced story, whether a blog or an article. What began as an undergraduate hobby of writing about the fashion industry has now become a top blog and full-time role for him. His interest is simple, anything that attracts readers about the fashion industry.