About Us

Custom brand Apparel is the leading manufacturer that has been shaping the future of clothing with our next-level manufacturing services all around the globe. We are all about product designing, clothing line designing, pattern making, prototyping, sample making, mock-ups, Techpack development, bulk manufacturing, packaging, and more.

We are a complete solution for all of your clothing brand needs, with a Research & Development team that is passionate and dedicated to helping startups and established clothing brands manufacture top-class brand lines. We take pride in our diverse offerings and in serving our clients with the best quality in USA.

We are using ever-evolving technologies and advanced equipment, which make us ever-ready to take on complex challenges and overcome them by providing our clients with the best Apparel making manufacturing service. We aim to create a long-term strategic partnership with the clients working with us. Being the right arm for their business, we help these brands shape their business and ensure success in the fashion industry.

Our Values

These are the respected values of Custom Brand Apparel

  • We improve the brand experience.
  • Building a loyal customer base.
  • Providing the brand with on-demand customization needs.
  • Development Market Competitive Advantage.
  • Providing performance, durability, diversity, and integrity to our clients.

Our Mission

Custom Brand Apparel's mission is to be a leading, trusted manufacturer and reliable source of international clothing by providing the clothing brand with their on-demand customizations and apparel needs.

We believe our local products are worth greatly in the international market. Combining these high-quality Apparel materials with our professional manufacturing, we aim to cater needs and demands of every brand.